Subsurface Solutions and Technical Partnerships

VGS provides clients with the  full-suite of subsurface solutions, including technical studies and project implementation. Our approach is to work as technical partners to our customers actively engaged in strengthening in-house capabilities

  • Exploration surveys, incl. CSEM, Helium and FTG surveys
  • 2D/3D offshore and onshore seismic acquisition 
  • Survey project planning and execution
  • Technology mapping and deployment
  • Application of machine learning and data science solutions 
  • Play-based evaluation / acreage sweet spots
  • Prioritized prospect portfolio: volumes and value valuation
  • Near field or infrastructure exploration portfolio  rejuvenation
  • Portfolio prioritization
  • Exploration and development strategy 
  • Well proposal planning
  • Market surveys and contracting strategy 
  • Rig and services contracting 
  • Integrated reservoir modelling studies
  • WRFM improvements
  • Secondary/tertiary recovery FDP/carbon sequestration evaluation
  • Field development planning
  • Drilling project execution

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