About Us

VGS is a highly specialist exploration and development group focused on Upstream markets in Southeast Asia. We partner with Local, National and International Oil Companies, combining a wealth of global exploration and development experience and in-depth knowledge of Southeast Asian hydrocarbon basins to drive portfolio value and growth.  Key VGS delivery areas include:

Subsurface Solutions and Technical Partnerships

  • Defining subsurface portfolio/basin ‘sweet spots’ and drill-ready prospect portfolios; conducting risk and value assessments
  • Delivering  independently assured evaluations from exploration play to well proposal to full field development plans, including reservoir modelling for project execution, when seeking funding or making portfolio decisions
  • Survey acquisition/processing and drilling execution
  • Application of machine learning and data science solutions

New Venture Development

  • Defining and developing new positions and opportunities to complement  companies’ existing portfolios
  • Screening and defining new opportunities, ensuring that deal drivers are clear and focused on access to new  positions for the most favourable terms with minimal risk exposure
  • Providing a full-suite of acquisition, divestment,  asset transition and new venture development services
  • Technical due diligence checklists
  • Subsurface asset data transfer validation and verification

Capability Building

  • Equipping staff with the skills, analytical techniques and new technologies to strengthen portfolio and acreage evaluations and to successfully execute drilling and development projects
  • Technical competency management

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