Asia Basin Expertise

Our key differentiator is the depth and breadth of the VGS team’s experience, network of contacts and delivery expertise in basins across Southeast Asia. 


  • Onshore basins and fields prospectivity
  • Gulf of Thailand and Andaman Sea prospectivity
  • Field  development in offshore joint development area Fractured basement / carbonate production offshore and onshore 


  • Prospectivity of the Baram Delta and extension into deepwater toe-thrust play and pre-tertiary block faults play analogues to the Palawan Basin
  • WRFM (Well Reservoir Facilities Management) to optimise production from Ampa and Champion fields


  • Prospectivity of offshore basins in the South China Sea
  • Opportunities identification
  • Stakeholder relationship-building and deal completion


  • Prospectivity of the all major basins in Malaysia and extension into Brunei  – basin history, analogues and play extensions
  • Opportunities identification, deal delivery and new venture startup
  • PSC management
  • Well execution and operation


  • In-depth knowledge of the prospectivity of the Palawan, Sulu and Sandakan basins
  • Malampaya reserves assessment and production forecasting
  • Field appraisal and development plan 
  • Asset acquisition, transition planning 
  • Technical and commercial due diligence
  • Well operation and logistics


  • Prospectivity of frontier basins in Eastern Indonesia, Tarakan and Kutei basins
  • Stakeholder relationship
  • Economic viability and roadmap to deal completion


  • Prospectivity of the Joint Development Zone
  • Play extension and analogues

Timor Leste

  • Prospectivity of the Banda Arc and play extensions into Eastern Indonesia 
  • Fiscal terms and conditions


  • Prospectivity of the offshore basins. 
  • Analogues play from adjacent basins in Bangladesh, India (Andaman Seas) and Indonesia

Helping you succeed in Asia

Our deep expertise and strong stakeholder networks across Southeast Asia reduce the learning curve for customers, enabling faster and more effective delivery of business goals in these markets. 

Who do you know? 

VGS has a vast network of contacts in-country across SEA enabling customers to build relationships with key stakeholders.

What makes the basin tick?

VGS has a deep working knowledge of the critical success factors of key plays in all major basins in Southeast Asia.

How can you maximise profitability?

VGS understands key fiscal parameters to maximise profitability in Upstream markets in Southeast Asia .

Which opportunity shall will you pursue?

VGS has extensive opportunity identification, technical and commercial due diligence expertise and delivery record in Southeast Asia.

How can you get the venture going?

VGS has a proven track record in Upstream venture set-up and operations.

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