VGS is committed to partnering with local oil and gas companies to build robust and sustainable technical and functional capabilities in-house. 

We provide formal competence development programmes in the following technical, commercial and functional areas as well as coaching and mentoring to drive performance improvement:

Tailored virtual learning events for management or technical staff

  • Exploration decision-taking and portfolio selection
  • Exploration risking and volumetrics
  • Notional field development economics  
  • Full lifecycle field development 
  • HSSE  
  • Auditing
  • CCS
  • Management Leadership Development Development Program (MLDP) for front-line and operational managers

Advanced technical courses for subsurface specialists: Q4 2022

VGS is currently offering advanced technical courses for subsurface specialists in Q4 2022:

  • Machine Learning for Production Forecasting and Anomaly Detection
  • Petrophysics Machine Learning Techniques and Data QAQC

For course profiles, dates and registration details, please contact VGS course leader: Kushwant Singh.

Facilitated (virtual or in-person) Opportunity Delivery Workshop

  • Moving your idea from inception to aligned strategy and plan
  • Integrating business context
  • Understanding stakeholders
  • Multidimensional risk assessments
  • Key decisions and milestones
  • Project planning

Individual or small group virtual coaching session for technical staff

  • Prospect / play maturation workflow: from exploration survey project to field development plan
  • Project planning and management

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