Efficiently revitalizing exploration portfolios

VGS and Associates  can provide an efficient evaluation framework and workflows to achive a renewed appreciation of the remaining potential of basins.

Divestment and Dilution of existing positions

VGS and Associates can help clients maximize asset value when dilutions or divestments are required.

New business opportunity

For clients looking to expand or diversify their upstream portfolios, VGS and Associates can provide tailored solutions or an integrated approach to new business development.

Efficiently Revitalizing Exploration Portfolios, Creating Value And Delivering Discoveries

VGS and Associates works with Local and National Oil Companies (LOCs /NOCs) staff, combining a wealth of knowledge of global exploration concepts together with effective data use and an efficient evaluation framework and workflows to provide a renewed appreciation of the remaining potential of basins.

  • Help staff generates new play concepts and define their associated 'sweet spot' areas.
  • Provide NOCs/LOCs support in generating and continuously updating acreage volume, value and risk assessments as new information becomes available.  Value Is determined from realistic development scenarios or alternative value assessment methods.
  • Equip local staff with the skills, analytical techniques and technologies to evaluate basins and provide a longer term (3-10 year) portfolio view.
  • Provide NOCs & LOCs with independently assured, integrated regional exploration play evaluation that can be used in acreage promotions, when seeking funds for activities and when making portfolio decisions.

VGS and Associates believe solid technical subsurface evaluations, combined with effective data management and an awareness of global play concepts are the keys to unlocking future potential.  The flexibility and technical credibility we bring to this process will be the foundation for our long term partnerships

Divestment / Dilution Of Existing Positions

Portfolio optimization and/or cash flow considerations often require certain positions to be divested or diluted. Careful consideration of potential buyers, marketing materials and strategy are required to maximize asset value.

VGS and Associates, with its extensive technical and commercial experience & large industry network can help clients maximize asset value when dilutions or divestments are required. We can:

  • Prepare or QC existing material (promotional flyers, detailed information memorandum, etc.), which are critical to garnering initial interest.
  • Utilize our large industry network to make contact with potential buyers/partners, resulting in more cost- and time-effective efforts.
  • Prepared and man data-rooms, and
  • If necessary, conduct initial commercial negotiations with counterparties.

VGS and Associates believe that regardless of the business climate, portfolio value optimization is possible with a proper strategy, which we can prepare and execute.

New Business Opportunity Strategy, Identification & Screening And Selection

Upstream success depends on location, terms and execution. New business is focused on getting blocks with the right geology under the best terms, but the globe is a big place.

VGS and Associates directors and associates have expertise in all aspects of upstream new business development in Africa and Asia. For
clients looking to expand or diversify their upstream portfolios, VGS and Associates can provide:

  • New business opportunity strategy. Working with senior management, VGS and Associates can help define what new positions would complement the existing portfolio.
  • Opportunity identification and screening. With VGS and Associates’ understanding of geology, industry activity and our extensive industry networks, we can recommend new opportunities for consideration and/or screen opportunities that are available in the market.
  • Opportunity selection is more than just picking the right blocks.  It is also about accessing the position under the most favourable terms available. VGS and Associates understand deal drivers and can work with management to ensure value is preserved with minimal exposure.

VGS and Associates believe that now is an excellent time to add growth opportunities at low cost under very favorable terms.